Star Wars #1, Marvel Welcomes Home an Old Friend

The much anticipated Star Wars #1 hit comic stores around the world, including Drawn to Comics,  this week and the new era of Star Wars has begun.   We think it is awesome; but we are your biased comic shop owners who just want to make sure it sells out, right?  Wrong, we want you to enjoy this new era of Star Wars and we asked one of our well esteemed journalistic customer who reads and evaluates many comics on his own what his view point of the new Star Wars Comic.

star wars welcome home

We now present to you the Star Wars #1 review from Ace Masters

Star Wars #1

Publisher: Marvel

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: John Cassaday

Colorist: Laura Martin

The Force is Back at MARVEL!

And what a way to relaunch the second Marvel era of Star Wars. This first issue dives right into the action, introducing all the characters like they are old friends one hasn’t seen in a while, Luke, Leia, Han, R2-D2, C-3PO, Chewbacca.

The Death Star has just been destroyed (A New Hope), and we find our little group on Cymoon, a weapons manufacturer for the Empire, on a mission for the Rebel Alliance. Han is posing as the emissary for Jabba the Hutt, here to bargain on Jabba’s behalf. Han is told by the Overseer that there will be no bargaining, the Negotiator will make him an offer and Han will accept.

The mission is going smoothly until the Negotiator arrives, and Luke is warned by a voice to RUN! He isn’t ready for a confrontation with Darth Vader.

Jason Aaron and John Cassaday have captured what made Star Wars so great in 1977, a sense of freshness, awe and wonder. This issue felt like a Star Wars movie, not like a comic book.

The writing is stellar, the story unfolding is told well and the characterization is great. Everything you expect from these characters is here. C-3PO annoying habit of never shutting up, Han’s cockiness, Han and Leia bickering and Luke still trying to find his way.

Cassaday’s art is beautiful. He captures everything Star Wars near perfectly. Especially Han. His Han looks so much like Harrison Ford it is amazing, even down to Han’s signature smirk.

Laura Martins colors shine, as well.

Together they have woven an awesome first issues that gives me great hopes for Star Wars’ future in the hands of Marvel.

I have to admit, when Disney made the inevitable announcement that Star Wars comics would return to Marvel, I cringed. Marvel’s record with licensed material is lackluster at best, shaky at worst. That includes their Star Wars run from 1977 to 1986. For 107 issues Marvel was the home to Star Wars.

My fears of Marvel’s handling of Star Wars has slipped away, replace with the Force! Leia, Luke and Han are back!

To me it was a great choice to return to the original trilogy for Marvel’s relaunch. These are the characters that started it all.

The Force was Jason Aaron, John Cassaday and the entire crew when creating this issue.



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