Blackest Friday and Brightest Saturday Weekend is coming!

Drawn To Comics Biggest Sale Event of the year is in sight!  Blackest Friday is the Comic Book worlds most legendary local small business savings sale!

Customers line up early every year for the craziest 3 hour savings on comic book related merchandise in the city maybe event the country.  From 9am to 12p on Friday, November 24th most items in the store will be marked 50 to 80% off!!!   Even if you miss the 9a to 12p , the rest of the day all items will be 25% off!

Stay tuned for the big savings reveals coming soon.

But wait there is more, after you have exhausted all of your shopping energy getting everyones favorite holiday gift requests we follow the Blackest Friday up with the Brightest Saturday!  The Brightest Saturday is a local artist festival set outside the front of Drawn To Comics in the heart of Glendale Glitters Block Party!  Over 1 million lights, family rides, amazing food and hours of fun will be taking place right outside Drawn To Comics and our local artist festival!   So mark your calendars for November 24th & November 25th because this is the Drawn To Comics Weekend event you will not want to miss!

DTC November Flyer