We Buy or Trade For Your Collectible Comic Books & Toys

Drawn to Comics buying/trading want list:

Below is the list off items that Drawn To Comics is intrested in acquiring at the
current time. If you have any of these items in your collection that you would like
to part with please schedule an appointment with Drawn To Comics to bring them
in.  If you do not have anything on this list we will likely not buy or trade for the
comics or toys you bring into us.  Thank you for your interest and consideration
of Drawn To Comics.  Now here is the most current list!


Comic Books in Very Fine Condition or better with no mold or water damage.

Amazing Spider-man V.1 (1962) #1-200 (VG or better), 238, 252, 298-300, 361-363
Amazing Spider-man V.2 (1998) 1-59, 529-532, 601-02, 607-08
Avengers (1963) #1-100 (VG or better)
Batman #232, 234, 404-407, 608-619, 630-650
Batman New 52: 1-20
Batman Adventures #12
Batman Dark Knight #1-4 (1st Prints)
Batman Killing Joke (1st print)
Batman Man Who Laughs #1 (1st Print)
Batman Spider-man #1
Daredevil #1-7, 131-132, 168 (Trade/Consign)
Deadpool 1995 Series #1-69
Deadpool 2008: #1-50
Detective Comics: #575-578, 870-881
GI Joe (Marvel)  #21, 150-155, Special #1 (1995)
Gotham City Sirens #1-12
Harley Quinn #1-35
Incredible Hulk #1-6, 102,180-182, 271, 340 (Trade/Consign)
Invincible #1-10
Iron Fist V.1 #14-15
Iron Man V.1 #55, 281
Kick Ass #1
Nightwing New 52 (2011) #1-10
NYX #1-6
Red Hood & the Outlaws New 52 (2011): 1-5
Suicide Squad New 52(2011) 1, 6&7
Tales of Suspense #39-101
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1984) #1-4
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IDW (2011) #1-10
Transformers (Marvel) #1-4, 70-80
Walking Dead #1-100
X-men (Uncanny) #94-143, 266, 350 & Giant Size #1
Wolverine (Mini 1982) #1-4
Wolverine ongoing v.1 #1, 10, 145, 154-155,
Woverine ongoing v.2 #67-72 (1st Prints) (Old Man Logan)
X-Factor #6, 24
Y the last Man #1-10

Toys sealed in package
Transformers (80s) Mint and complete in sealed box  or opened and complete
GI Joe A Real American Hero(ARAH)3 3/4 Action Figures- Mint On Sealed Card (MOSC) or Loose and Complete 1982-1986
GI Joe ARAH Vehicles Mint in Sealed Box (MISB) or opened and complete 1982-1985
Star Wars vintage (1977-1985) MOSC or Loose Action Figures & Vehicles opened and complete with weapons and accessories
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1988-1997) MOSC Action Figures
Voltron (1984-1997) Toys

If you have any items on the above list please call to schedule an appointment to
view your collection…We can not guarauantee to have the time to view or make
any offers on a collection without a previously scheduled appointment.

Please contact Ken with your information at 623-847-9090 to schedule an
appointment to view your collection.

Thank you for your intrest and happy collecting!

– Drawn To Comics